Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore

LAHORE – Being a pioneer association of its kind in the country Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design has opened approaches to new calling open entryways for its graduates which were not available here some time as of late, thusly making prepared for social and present day progression. The yearly hypothesis indicate 2016 on Wednesday was an affirmation to this reality.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore

PIFD demonstrate showed suggestion work of around 168 graduating understudies of expressive expressions visual articulations and material and layout, furniture design, Gems and Jewelry Design, Leather Accessories and Footwear, Department of Ceramic Design and Glassware. The collections showed by understudies are contrasting in nature and portray the way of considering and headway of each understudy. Mrs. Abbassi S. Akhtar (Former Principal PIFD), Mrs Salima Hashmi, Mr Saeed Akhtar and Mr. Humayun Zafar (President of Textile Institute of Pakistan Karachi) were the focal guests on the occasion. PIFD Vice Chancellor Prof Hina Tayyaba showed knickknacks to them. Educator Shaista Vine, Registrar, Mr. Attique Ahmad, Director Admin, Course Coordinators and Senior Faculty Members of PIFD were also present.

PIFD demonstrate showed created by seven workplaces working under four Schools/Faculties; Department of Fashion Design, Department of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising, Department of Textile Design, Department of Gems and Jewelry Design, Department of Furniture Design and Manufacture, Department of Leather Accessories and Footwear, and Department of Ceramic Design and Glassware.

The understudy’s endeavors are various in nature and catch the encapsulation of educational program and in addition substances of the corporate world. Most of the understudies’ endeavors/things have been prepared/made by them recalling the client and the organizations essentials.

Each one of the understudies have recorded their work as to make them open for future reference. With different streets of joint exertion opening up on national and overall level, it is assumed that PIFD graduates will enter the area and overall market whereby contributing new contemplations and energies to it.

PIFD Vice Chancellor Prof. Hina Tayyaba saluted the understudies for demonstrating their suggestion work adequately. “The understudies have worked so hard and I wish them good fortunes in their future endeavors. I respect the significant effort made by the course facilitators, workforce and care staff. I assume that these graduates, who are entering the overall market with new contemplations, will contribute later on change of our economy,” Prof Hina said.

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design Lahore

Rimsha Adnan (understudy) said her endeavor’s name was ‘Outline heritage of Lahore’. “The inspiration is drawn from the building enthusiasm of traveler relics in demonstrate day Lahore. Segments of Lahore heritage show lobby, perspective illustration and chronicled depiction educate the examination concerning the diagrams.

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