National University of Modern Languages Islamabad

National University of Modern Languages Islamabad

Islamabad – A two-day overall assembling on ‘Contemporary Women Issues and their Solution from Islamic Perspective’ initiated here a day or two back. Speakers energized the educationists and specialists to spread care among people about the honest to goodness soul of Islam and the level of respect it accommodates the women.

National University of Modern Languages Islamabad

The meeting was made by the Islamic Studies Department of the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) with the organized exertion of Higher Education Commission (HEC). Clergyman International Islamic University Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai was the principle guest of the inaugural session while Director General NUML Brig Muhammad Ibrahim, International Scholars , Deans, Heads of Departments moreover went to the capacity.

Chatting on the occasion, Dr Masoom Yasinzai said that Islam isn’t just a religion yet an aggregate code of life, no other religion gives such respect and regard to the women which Islam has given to them.

He, refering to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), said that heaven lies under the feet of the mother and he moreover refered to another Hadith, “The best among you is the individual who treated well with his significant other.” He concentrated on that that is the respect and regard which Islam provides for women.

Dr Masoom said that Islam displayed cover in light of women are important in its code and Islam moreover direct men to cut down their eyes. There were no rights for women before Islam however Islam offers rights to women.

National University of Modern Languages Islamabad

He was of the view that today Islam is as a result wrongly delineated; it is a perfect chance to get care about Islam in authentic soul.

The Director-General NUML, in his acknowledged address, offered thanks toward the respectable supervisor guests and guests for sparing time to go to this meeting and said that it is the commitment of the Ulema, specialists and examiners to tell the authentic lessons of Islam .

He expressed profound gratitude to HoD Islamic Studies for dealing with a worldwide meeting on such a basic topic.

He assumed that inside seeing national and widespread specialists individuals will get something phenomenal.

Other than Pakistan, Scholars from Malaysia, Qatar, India and USA will demonstrate their papers on the particular parts of the said topics.

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